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Our Field bred Cocker Spaniels come from all over, including overseas. They make great companions for any family and love to be out in the field with their owner. They can hunt dove, duck, and quail. They are bred to such a high level that they are eager to learn and deliver to hand. 

Forget any preconceived notions about the fluffy cocker spaniels you see on TV, these little firecrackers are ready to get it done with you. Our dogs make great dove dogs and quail-flushing dogs. All of our Cocker Spaniels are tested for genetic diseases such as AMS and PRA-PRCD, 



Bess is the queen of our Field Bred English Cocker line. She is sweeter than sugar and fire in the field. She is steady to shot, delivers to hand, and snuggles on the couch with the best of them. Bess is one of the finest dove dogs in the state and is so easy to train she can make any trainer look like a pro. Shes a fantastic momma to her puppies and anybody that meets Bess would love to have a puppy out of her.

Bess & Ace

Bess litter expected summer 2024


About Ace

Ace is an exceptional dog from hunting birds all over the country to hanging around the house playing with kids. He can be described as a dog with a calm demeanor, extreme drive to retrieve on land/water, and loves to flush birds out of any type of cover they can hide in. Ace loves every dog and person he meets and has a very sweet personality. We are very happy with what Ace has produced so far. His puppies are a lot like him with high drive, fantastic demeanor, and good looking. He's the product of 3 generations of hard work in our breeding program and will have a lasting effect on our program going forward. 

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