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Training Methodology

The training at Two Brothers Sporting Dogs is a combination of experience and

science. I try my best to give detailed explanations of how I do things and what I

use but I also attempt to give other methods for certain steps along the way since

sometimes you have to alter your training to get the dog to perform. If you

understand how dogs think and how they learn it’ll help you to teach the dog even

if my methods aren’t working. The training outlined in this book is a balanced

method where positive and negative will be used to shape the dogs behavior into

what we want. The Positive Dog Training movement has taken the industry by

storm and for the basic house dog it has merit, but for a high drive working dog

faced with distractions in extreme environments it pays to show the dog between

right and wrong. Having the basic theoretical understanding of dog training the

better suited you will be to teach your dog.

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