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Introducing Personalized Dog Photo Services at Two Brothers Sporting Dogs

Introducing Personalized Dog Photo Services at Two Brothers Sporting Dogs

We're excited to offer our beloved canine guests and their owners a unique way to capture and treasure their moments with us. Whether your dog is here for boarding, daycare, or training, our new Personalized Dog Photo Services ensure you won't miss a beat of your dog's day. Discover the perfect package that mirrors the joy and adventure your furry friend experiences with us.


Bronze Package - $125 Perfect for capturing your dog's personality in their most candid moments, the Bronze Package features your dog enjoying what they do best - being themselves. This package includes:

  • 10 professionally edited photos of your dog sitting, playing, and simply being their adorable self.

  • A variety of shots that showcase your dog's unique character and charm.

  • Digital copies for easy sharing and printing.

Silver Package - $150 Focused on the moments of achievement and learning, the Silver Package captures your dog during their training sessions. It's a wonderful way to see their progress and dedication. This package offers:

  • 10 professionally captured photos during training sessions, highlighting concentration, skill, and the bond between trainer and dog.

  • Each photo professionally edited to bring out the best in each moment.

  • Digital copies provided for your keepsake or to share with pride.

Gold Package - $165 Our most comprehensive package, the Gold, offers an extensive 30-minute photo session that includes both training moments and personal time, ensuring a wide range of memories. This package includes:

  • 15 beautifully edited photos, capturing your dog in training and enjoying personal moments alone.

  • A blend of candid and posed shots, designed to reflect the full spectrum of your dog's experience and achievements.

  • Digital copies of all photos, perfect for creating albums, wall art, or sharing with family and friends.

Why Choose Our Personalized Dog Photo Services?

  • Expert Photography: Our professional photographers specialize in capturing dogs in all their glory, using high-quality equipment and techniques to get the perfect shot.

  • Tailored Experiences: Each package is designed to suit different preferences and provide a variety of memories of your dog's stay with us.

  • Lasting Memories: These moments are fleeting, but our photo services allow you to hold onto them forever, sharing and cherishing them for years to come.

Capture the Moment

Ready to immortalize your dog's happiest moments with us? For booking and inquiries, click the button below or reach out directly. At Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, we're more than just a stay – we're an experience your dog will never forget, and now, you can keep a piece of that joy forever.

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