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Commands List

This list of commands are not necessarily what you must use but whatever words you decide to use try to use the same word every time, and be consistent. Explanations of how to teach these commands will come in the next chapter.

  • Dogs Name: The dogs name is important because I have seen way too many dogs that don’t know their names. I want the dog to look at me or at least listen to me when I say his name. Also the dogs name is what you will use to release the dog for a retrieve.

  • “Good”: showing the dog that whatever they’re doing is correct and to continue it.

  • “No”: showing the dog that whatever they’re doing is wrong.

  • “Sit”: put the butt on the ground. The “Stay” is implied.

  • Whistle Sit: one whistle blast

  • “Down”: Lay down. The stay is implied.

  • “Here”: Come to me or come with me.

  • Whistle Here: Trill the whistle. “tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet…”

  • “Heel”: Come to my left (or right) side and stay there.

  • “Kennel”: Get into something.

  • “Place”: Get onto something.

  • “Okay”: The word used to release the dog from whatever they’ve been doing. Its not fair to ask the dog to sit and not move without giving them a release word.

  • “Woah”: Stop and stand.

  • “Drop”: Drop whats in your mouth.

  • “Fetch”: Go get the object. Don’t use this too much because we will use this during the force fetch process and if he thinks its something else then he will get confused.

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