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Keep the End in Mind

Training a Truly Versatile Dog, or any dog for that matter, can be a long and winding road so its important to remind yourself what the final product will look like. I dog is never done training but having a dog you can trust to hunt in almost any environment and live with you is the ultimate goal. You will hit speed bumps and run into problems but that is common with these dogs. Don’t get discouraged if you hit a point in training and it seems like your dog isn’t progressing, return to the previous step and take your time to make sure he understand what is being asked. I will do my best to cover problems that might arise during each step of the way but it isn’t easy talking through every problem you might face. Just keep the end in mind and remember, be patient , consistent, and fair. These dogs aren’t experts in one type of hunting but are experts at switching gears and being successful in many types of hunting. Also having a Truly Versatile Dog will probably get you invited on more hunts with your buddies that don’t have dogs as well trained as yours!

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