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Picking a Puppy: Picking Your Puppy!

Picking a Puppy

After all the work of researching breeders and waiting for the puppies to be born the time has finally come to pick your new hunting partner! Many people have their own tests and secrets to picking a puppy. They may have had luck by running these tests but for the most part they’re all just wives tales. When picking a puppy my first decision is male or female. Some people have a gender preference but from my experience the only differences is that males will mature slower than females. And, generally, females have a more sensitive sense of smell compared to males. The only other gender consideration is that a female will go into heat a couple times a year and a male wants to pee on everything. Both can be annoying but if you plan to neuter or spay the dog this is a nonissue. Another thing to avoid is an albino or pale-colored dog coat because this an indication his ability to smell may not be fully developed or completely absent. The only test I actually perform with a puppy is I pull the best looking puppy I see, and set it down. If the dog will follow me around the yard and pay attention to me then I take that one. If the pup wants nothing to do with me I put it back and try another. Training a Truly Versatile Dog requires a dog that is willing to work with you and a dog that wants nothing to you will be a tough dog to train.

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