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Picking a Puppy: Prepping your Home Before the Puppy Comes Home

Prepping the Home Before the Puppy Comes Home:

Now its time to set up your home for the puppy. I recommend doing this before you get the puppy because it gives you some time to think about where the pup can get into trouble. The first step is to decide what parts of the house are you going restrict until you trust your puppy. Keep in mind that puppies have accidents, its going to happen, so try to limit places where there may be expensive rugs. Also keep bedroom doors closed since the puppy will try to chew on EVERYTHING. A quick note about the puppy chewing on everything, don’t scold him if you find him dragging or chewing on your nice new shoes but instead just calmly take it from him and give him something appropriate to chew on. This will prevent him from playing keep away if he has something he knows you want. Put the dog food a place where you will remember to feed the dog but where he cannot get into it and overeat. Where will you put the puppies kennel if the dog will live inside. I highly recommend kennel training a puppy so find a place that is convenient and ideally close to the door where they will go out to use the bathroom. Kennel training is the first step of house breaking and teaches the dog to be comfortable alone. A pro tip for kennel training is to feed your dog inside the kennel and when its not feeding time give them kongs with their food inside it. How to make the kong is to fill it with their puppy food, drop a jerky treat or some other high value item inside, run it under water to wet the food inside, and pop it in the freezer. A food stuffed kong is the best way to keep a high energy puppy busy for a while. Make sure your backyard doesn't have plants that will be toxic to the dog and that your fence is free of any big holes.

Another thing to prep when brining a puppy home is whoever lives in the house with you and that puppy. Make sure everybody is on the same page and those that will be a major part of the puppies life are aware of the training plan.

Puppy Supplies List:

  • Kennel - I prefer wire crates inside because they're easy to clean when the puppy has an accident and a plastic crate or one of the higher end crates (ex: RuffLand or Gunner) in your vehicle. Moving a kennel from truck to house everyday gets old quick.

  • Food and water bowls

  • Puppy collar

  • Kongs and other appropriate toys

  • Training Treats

  • Puppy bumper, long line, place bed, bird wings, and other misc. training gear

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time and a little bit of planning can prevent any issues. Good luck, and remember to have fun!

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