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Picking a Puppy: Puppy Nutrition

Puppy Nutrition:

I felt I needed to write this section because I have heard a number of different myths and rumors about what to feed a working puppy so that they become big strong working dogs. What and how often I feed is based on research done by scientists with way bigger brains than mine. I feed Purina Pro Plan Puppy Focus twice a day for my puppies and my adult dogs get Purina Pro Plan Sport once a day. There are many great dog foods on the market, such as Eukanuba, but please do the research before deciding on food. An ideal work and feeding schedule for young dogs is work the puppy in the morning, feed 30-60 minutes after, let the dog rest, work the pup in the evening, feed 30-60 min after. For my older dogs I work them, then feed 30-60 in after a cool down period. It has been proven that a fasted dog, or one that has eaten 6-12 hours before work, perform better across the board. Once I feel my dogs have matured to adult frame and are starting to perform more vigorous exercises (around 8-12 months of age), I switch them to the Sport food and feeding once a day. When I time it right I like my older dogs to have eaten 20-24 hours since the last feeding and had plenty of fresh water to keep them hydrated.

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