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Welcome to Two Brothers Sporting Dogs: A New Breed of Doggy Daycare!

You work, and they play!

Two Brothers Sporting Dogs: Leading Doggy Daycare with Training & Enrichment in Dayton, Texas offered Monday through Friday. 

At Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, we believe every dog deserves a day filled with joy, companionship, and discovery. Drawing inspiration from 20 years of industry insights, we've crafted a daycare experience that goes beyond the traditional "all play, no rest" model. Welcome to Daycare 2.0 – a place where your furry friends don't just stay; they thrive.

We will match your dog's play style, size, and age to the appropriate groups.


Every dog deserves a day filled with excitement, learning, and engagement, and at Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, we've created just that environment! Perfectly situated in Dayton, Texas, our daycare isn't just another open space for dogs to play—it's a carefully curated center of holistic development for your furry companion.


The Power of Training: Dogs, by nature, thrive on structure and guidance. Our daily training sessions are aimed not just at teaching commands but at nurturing a bond between the dog and the handler. Regular training helps enhance a dog's confidence, reducing undesirable behaviors, and ensuring they are more responsive to commands. Whether your pup is learning the basics or mastering advanced skills, our trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques, ensuring your dog associates learning with positivity and fun.


The Importance of Enrichment: Beyond basic play, dogs need mental stimulation to stay content and balanced. Enrichment activities are designed to challenge a dog's mind, sparking their innate curiosity and problem-solving skills. At Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, enrichment isn't just an afterthought—it's a core component of our program. From puzzle toys, and scent games to agility courses, these activities are tailored to keep their brains busy and active. The result? A dog that's not only physically tired but also mentally contented.


When you leave your dog with us, you're entrusting them to a team that sees beyond the wagging tail and playful bark. We see potential, intelligence, and a desire to connect. At Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, every day is an opportunity for your dog to thrive, learn, and relish every moment. Let your furry friend experience the perfect blend of play, learning, and growth with us!

Must book in advance!

Pricing and Packages for younger than 6 months:

$20 per day

$85 per Week Package

$300 per Month Package

Pricing and Packages for dogs 6 months and up:

$25 per day

$100 per Week Package

$375 per Month Package

Schedule Play Style Assessment


All daycare guests must be on tick and flea prevention, and up to date on Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella.

All Two Brothers clients will be asked to fill out a Client Info Sheet, Services Contract, and Waiver Form.

We ask that you bring your pet's food if they will need to eat during the day to prevent stomach issues with the diet change. If the dog requires medication during their stay please bring those as well.

You are welcome to bring bedding, toys, treats, and any other comforts that will make your dog feel at home.

Our goal is to keep a safe, clean, and happy environment for all our guests!

Before your dog can come spend the day with us they will need to complete a Play Style Assessment


Understanding Your Dog: Our Play Style Assessment

Why Play Style Assessment Matters

At Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, we're dedicated to creating an environment where every dog can thrive. Central to this commitment is our unique Play Style Assessment — a thoughtful process designed to understand the individual personality, play preferences, and social compatibility of each dog. This bespoke approach ensures that every dog enjoys a tailored, joyful, and safe daycare experience.

Every dog is unique, with its own set of preferences, behaviors, and social skills. Our Play Style Assessment allows us to:

  • Identify Individual Preferences: We learn about your dog's favorite activities, toys, and interaction styles to ensure we provide them with the most enjoyable and stimulating environment.

  • Ensure Compatibility: By understanding each dog's social preferences, we can group them with like-minded playmates, enhancing their social experience and minimizing stress.

  • Maximize Safety: Tailoring playgroups based on size, temperament, and play style reduces the risk of conflicts, ensuring a safer environment for all.

How it works
  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a conversation with you, the pet owner, to learn about your dog's history, habits, and any special needs or preferences they may have.

  2. Observation Session: Your dog will participate in a supervised observation session, where we carefully assess their interactions with various dogs, toys, and activities.

  3. Behavior Analysis: Our trained canine behaviorists analyze the observations to determine your dog's play style, social tendencies, and any areas requiring special attention.

  4. Feedback & Placement: We provide you with a comprehensive overview of our findings and discuss the best playgroup and activities suited to your dog's personality and needs.

Benefits of Our Play Style Assessment

  • Personalized Care: Understanding your dog's play style enables us to tailor their daycare experience, ensuring they're engaged, happy, and comfortable.

  • Enhanced Social Skills: By placing your dog in a compatible group, they develop better social skills, enjoy more positive interactions, and form lasting friendships.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your dog is in a playgroup that matches their temperament and play style offers peace of mind that they're in a safe, nurturing environment.

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Our Philosophy: More Than Just Play

Our approach is simple yet revolutionary. We've moved away from the one-size-fits-all, exhaustive play sessions to a more structured, enriching environment akin to a child's daycare. Here's why our model stands out:


Structured Playgroups

Smaller, manageable groups ensure your dog enjoys playtime with best-matched buddies, reducing stress and enhancing fun.


Balanced Day

We balance high-energy play with periods of rest and individual attention, ensuring dogs are stimulated both mentally and physically without becoming overtired.


Tailored Activities

Our activities are designed to cater to your dog's unique personality and energy level, from brain games to agility, ensuring a well-rounded experience.


Expert Care

Our staff are more than supervisors; they're trained educators in dog behavior, dedicated to nurturing your dog's social and cognitive skills.

Border Collie

“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions, they pass no criticism.”

George Eliot

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