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This agreement is between Two Brothers Sporting Dogs and The Client for the purpose of training and having trained the client's dog for gun dog/competition/obedience services. Outlined below are the terms applicable to this agreement.

The client agrees to vaccinate or have vaccinated his/her dog for the following canine diseases before placement in Two Brothers Sporting Dogs. Proof of vaccinations by veterinary documentation is mandatory to this agreement.
- Canine DHPP

- Leptospira Canicola
- Rabies
- Negative proof of heartworms

-The client agrees to pay for the administration of monthly heartworm preventative medication, as well as monthly flea and tick preventative medication.
-The client agrees to pay for any and all expenses related to emergency and/or routine veterinary visits required for the client's dog while under the care of Two Brothers Sporting Dogs.

-The client agrees to allow Two Brothers Sporting Dogs and any of its partners to use photos, likenesses, and videos of your dog for marketing and public display.

-Training fees are billed once per month, on the last day of each 30-day training cycle, and payment is expected in full within 1 week of that day. The client agrees to comply with these payment terms upon receipt of invoicing. There will be a late fee of $25 if payment is not received by the 7th day from payment request being sent. If there are two late payments in a row, the dog will be sent home. Weekly training must be paid in full at the 1st day of the training week.

-The client understands and agrees that training fees are on a 'per month' basis. This means that while the client's dog is in training, the client will be billed for the training month in its entirety, regardless if the dog is taken home for periods of time for any reason (except medical reasons.) If client wishes to remove his/her dog from Two Brothers Sporting Dogs training program, removal must be done prior to the start of another training month.

-Visiting times must be set up with Bobby Dwyer. 936-341-0022

-We kindly ask clients to let us work with the dog for one week prior to visitation for proper evaluation and bonding in training. Please schedule all visitations at least 24 hours in advance.


Client Waiver Form

I, The Client, understand and agree that the training, boarding, traveling, and handling of my dog, The Dog, will expose him/her to various environments and activities that may be dangerous. Having acknowledged the fore mentioned exposure to danger, I hereby release and hold harmless Two Brothers Sporting Dogs and any or all of its representatives, affiliates, or the like, from any liability as a result of harm to the dog, due to, but not limited to, the following:

- prior injuries or illness,
- injuries, illness, or death as a result of training,
- injuries, illness, or death as a result of natural causes,
- injuries, illness, or death as a result of traveling in a vehicle or while in tow,
- and/or injuries, illness, or death as a result of any type of activity usually associated with the training, boarding, transporting, and handling of a live animal.

This document does not exclude Two Brothers Sporting Dogs, its affiliates, or the like from demonstrating and practicing the utmost care for safety of the referenced dog. It is the goal of Two Brothers Sporting Dogs to provide the best care possible for the dogs in our facility, and we will take every precaution to ensure your pet’s safety while in our care. We will notify you immediately of any changes in health condition or injuries, and remain in constant contact throughout your dog’s stay with us.



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NOTICE: Price Increase to $1300 starting May 1st 2024

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